Equine Massage

to improve the quality of life of all your Equines…


Equine Massage

to improve the quality of life of all your horses…

Equine Massage Therapy


Thank you for taking the time to find us on the web. We know that the information you will find here will lead to a much better understanding of your horse or pony.   Muscular and Skeletal issues affect equines in different ways and it also depends on which discipline they are engaged in. Whether you are an Owner, Coach or Racehorse trainer these therapies are invaluable and should be part of the programme to help improve and achieve success in your discipline.

Equine massage is hugely beneficial to help your horse or pony deal with different levels of fitness, strenuous exercise, training, competitions, travel and the every day stresses of life.  Remember your horse is an athlete – all athletes need their Massage Therapists.

Equine massage therapies are not an alternative to conventional Veterinary care but are essential Complementary Therapy to help prevent injury.  Both Therapies improve performance and speed up recovery for the next race or competition.

What to expect in a Therapy session

For all our therapy sessions either we can travel to you or you can bring your horse/pony to our clinic.  We will need a full history of the animal including current issues, any medication or if the horse has suffered a previous injury.
We will perform an initial assessment of the animal in the stable, assessing movement in walk and trot.  We then perform a full body hands on Sports Massage to identify and relieve any pain or discomfort.  After the massage, active and passive stretches are performed to help release tension and aid alignment, improve range of motion, proprioception and muscle memory.

We will give you advice on what work programme you should pursue with your horse/pony after the Massage session.  
Your horse or pony may need a Spinal Therapy session which will include a full body check and realignment of bones.  This therapy includes a series of stretches.
The horse may need further sessions subject to the issues found, how long they are there and the individuals recovery rate.

Why Choose Us

We have years of experience in the horse industry aware of the problems that can arise with riding and training horses. We are dedicated to exceed our Customer’s expectations and provide a professional and unique Massage/Spinal Therapy experience that benefits the horse to be the best it can be. Prompt response is vital for Racing, Competition, Recovery treatments and we acknowledge and support this. Our aim is to deliver results which enables Clients to Race, Compete or Sell successfully. We never stop learning with horses and continue progressing and adjusting our therapy treatments.

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Our satisfied customers say it best

Ruth and Joyce have been treating all my horses for over 10 years. During each session, you can really see the effect they have on them and how much the horses enjoy the treatments by relaxing into them. Ruth and Joyce make a big difference in their everyday well-being. After every session I always see vast improvements in my horse’s comfort and strength, knowing each time they are treated they are coming out to work as happier horses and they are using themselves correctly. Each session is educational as they have taught me to look out for signs of discomfort before the small sign becomes a larger problem. I also love the exercises that are provided for me to perform on my horses before and after riding, I feel like I am making a difference and continuing on their good practice of keeping my horses happy, fit and healthy!

Alyssa O Neill

We really appreciate Ruth coming to treat our horses. They always feel more balanced and relaxed after a treatment. One of the senior ponies gets very excited to see Ruth and insists on being treated first, a testament in itself.

Celine Slater

Ruth is an essential part of our team, and her regular visits ensure that my horses stay free, comfortable and straight in their movement, so we can build strength and flexibility symmetrically.

Keeping them comfortable keeps them happy in their work too, another essential for progress!

Jenny Egan

I have used Ruth and Joyce Gaynor for a number of years and have found them to be very efficient and professional. I would recommend them for any training or riding issues.

Kay Nolan

I’ve been getting Joyce to treat horses for a few years now, there’s always a massive improvement in them after being treated and Joyce is always quick to fit you in and get horses seen to asap.
Miss Emma Carton

Contact Ruth in Meath

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