McTimoney-Corley Animal Spinal Therapy

This is a gentle but extremely effective hands on technique to realign the bones of the head, spine, pelvis and limbs.  Relieving tension in the muscles is hugely beneficial before spinal realignment as the bones will move in the right direction easier with less stress and discomfort to the horse.

The combination of muscular release and spinal therapy helps settle many issues quickly and improves your horse’s overall health.


Symptoms of misalignment

Uneven wear of shoes

Stiffness while cantering or on one rein

Dis-united in canter

4 beat canter

Unexplained lameness

Disimprovement in performance

Discomfort under saddle


Benefits of Spinal Therapy for horses

  • Helps issues with canter and lameness
  • Improves functioning of endocrine and nervous systems
  • Triggers horse’s own natural ability to heal
  • Helps alleviate stiffness and pain in back, neck and limbs



Spinal Therapy for dogs

We also offer McTimoney-Corley Spinal Canine Therapy. Realignment of bones in your dog will greatly improve their overall health, relieve tension and discomfort.  This therapy is beneficial to both active and inactive dogs where movement or behavioural changes have occurred.


Benefits of Spinal Therapy for dogs

  • Improves circulation
  • Eases tension and discomfort
  • Improves behaviour
  • Helps recovery post surgery
  • Improves appetite
  • Increases range of movement


Please contact us for more information or to book a Spinal Therapy Session for your horse or dog